Wednesday, September 9, 2009

things that make my face

something wrong with me like i have to see a
doctor maybe always feeling overwhelmed.
one hundred people, too many people. eight
people, too many people. i'm too tired to talk.
making small talk.

hibernating in my room where it's safe always
safe and cool and people don't have to ask me
questions like "how is life?" and "how is your
love life?" and "how is your job?" maybe its
these questions.

i wish we could ask things like "what do you see
in that cloud up there?" and "what are you working
on these days?" and "can you play this game with
me?" and "what impressions can you do? aha!"

i wish we could ask those things.

things that makes my heart beat.
and things that make my face want
to explode in happiness where i can feel
my eyes hurting and squeezing i just can't
get the words out in time i feel i want to interrupt
you i have so much to say so much i'm feeling.

i get on the edge of my seat and i'm bouncing, us
outside on the porch talking just me and you and
"i've read that book too" and "i like you" and "let's
do something great" and we can help each other
not feel like success is important anymore. it just
isn't important.


Carrie said...

The excitement and need to dream type conversations you wrote about remind me of all our conversations freshman year of college. That was a good year, full of many great conversations about the past and the future and things that mattered and who we wanted to be and become. I loved dreaming with you that year, my friend.

Brittany said...

we bore and overwhelm you!! i love you. bah.