Tuesday, October 26, 2010

beckett's play

the first time i saw this version of play was in an exhibition at the jeu de paume in paris. i'm in love with these actors and their exquisite performance. your thoughts on beckett's play?


maybe life always takes you where you never
thought you'd go but i refuse to believe that
desires don't matter. a friend told me once
to make a list of all the things that make
you unhappy and then start crossing them
off your list. we have the ability to eliminate
the toxic things in our life. so far, i have yet
to replace that list with things that do make
me happy but that is okay. i am okay. and i
am very brave. we are braver than we believe.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

tea and postcards

lying on my stomach, with my feet
in the air like a teenager, kicking my
thoughts around, listening to dinah
washington singing the blues, telling
the truth in my room where it's safe,
in my room where it's just me and the
record player and nothing else.
sometimes carl sandburg or hafiz or t.s.
eliot but that's it and it's only us in here
dreaming and scheming and
wondering; figuring it all out, all of
life with coffee and tea and postcards
from belgium from france; from
san francisco from sydney. pretending
they are tiny windows, looking out
my windows and seeing across the
horizon to a place far far away,
dinah washington singing all the time.
the trumpet player wailing all the time.
brushing my hair, kicking my thoughts
in the air, dreaming and scheming
and wondering all the time.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

theme in yellow

by carl sandburg

i spot the hills
with yellow balls in autumn.
i light the prairie cornfields
orange and tawny gold clusters
and i am called pumpkins.
on the last of october
when dusk is fallen
children join hands
and circle round me
singing ghost songs
and love to the harvest moon;
i am a jack-o-lantern
with terrible teeth
and the children know
i am fooling

best coast

i saw best coast for the first time a year...maybe a year and a half ago at spaceland in LA with some free tickets that shawn won. i'd never heard of them and after the show we met frontlady bethany cosentino in front of the venue, giggling like a teenager and super nice. at the time, they were just a local LA band. since then we've watched her skyrocket to the top. best coast is easily the coolest new thing and she and the band have been experiencing a whirlwind of international success with tours, music vids and popular zine appearances. here are two versions of their new music video for "boyfriend." enjoy.

happy tuesday!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


hey, folks.
i've updated my blogroll to your right.
weeded out the links of people who
don't really post anymore. and
added some people who do.
poetry, scribblings & other
cute crafts and inspirations
collage art, paintings, melancholy journals
and travel memoirs on pocketful of posies.
comics with dry humor from artist/graphic
designer extraordinaire stephen bobbett.
and don't forget the importance of the
fashion blog (my guilty pleasure) with
some of these lovelies have been kind enough
to feature my poetry series vid, (found here)
which i love them for.
in other news, i am thoroughly obsessed with the following:
sweet dreams chamomile mint tea,
the let it bleed album (specifically "gimme shelter"),
playing dress up when i can't sleep (often),
looking at laurel canyon bungalows on craigslist,
red wine spritzer with diet 7up (a criss fav),
getting my hair to do THIS someday,
putting creole spice on everything,
old theatre textbooks.

au revoir mes amis.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

burnt pages

i put classical music on the record
player to make me smarter,
and books in my bed when
i sleep, too. polaroids fall out
of jacket sleeves, remind me
of the past; and of the future
too. no more caffeine and no
more whiskey. just tea and
wine and conversations over
jazz. walking around in dark
stockings on the carpet and
hoping the telephone will ring
hoping for good news from
somewhere. orange poppies and
pink dahlias and landscapes,
borders and treelines. dried
bouquets and photos that didn't
turn out, growing my hair out.
long sleeves and lawn leaves
and bed lamp and my bed with
books under the covers keeping
me company. burnt pages and
ages of dreams and memories
bleeding and seeming to know
something i don't. looking forward
and back and always the past,
kissing his butterfly eyes and the
hair on his neck and always the
australian bracelet keeping me close
to him rests on my wrist and says
its okay, i love you.

and the girls in bull rushes


this is elly.
i like her.
i think she is made of both light & dark.

Monday, October 4, 2010

untitled #4

my ceiling fan circles lazily
and makes a humming sound.
that heartbreak feeling in the
pit of my stomach.
i drop my cell phone to the
ground and curse it.
i pull my arms inside my
shirt and elastic over my
forehead where its safe.
silence malingers and
time simply passes.
finding reasons to be
happy like tea and jazz
singers. the voice of a friend,
a piece of good news.
but then i come back here.
where pain resides and
tomorrow doesn't.
where crocheted blankets
are my constant and i
whisper things to myself,
to nobody that's there.
where i achieve a state
of blankness because
entertaining thoughts
drive me. eventually, i
fall asleep.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

bay windows

romping down toward the park
in my boots with my friend
pulling on caps and wiping
wet bangs from our foreheads
spitting words onto the street
and giggling for three years
dodging late night sprinklers
and homeless dogs and
penny whistlers.
hopin' and prayin' her favorite
place is open where the woman
sits at her piano and i say it
feels like we're in paris, in
musee carnavalet only this time
gay boys with sparkle rings
grab the mic and sing to their
hearts content and our hearts
sing with them. and them, some
funny foreigners ask me how i
like it up north and sugar rimmed
glasses in dainty hands out of
long baggy sweaters and ripped
dresses, dirty tresses, chapped
lips, turning off the telephone
to just listen. we ask questions like
why do hearts break and why does
it hurt and when can i see you next,
why did we cut our hair and hair
tied up in knots we complain and
say we're growing it out, growing
like an alphonse mucha belle
epoque girl, hair down to our knees
like eliot's mermaids not his own.
thinking about series and lampshades
and nook tables and paris and
john coltrane licking our ears,
get up to say goodbye come again.
bay windows and pillows and yes
i'll come again.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

it's good to keep lists

*sad oldies
*early saturday
*fan club
*san francisco

Friday, October 1, 2010

on the coming of october

october is my favorite month, so i am glad that it is here. however, this year october finds me in a unique state and that is one of transition; one of learning. desires on hold, i'm living through this time to do things like save money, study french, reflect on the last two years, learn how to be content (no matter what), have patience, apply for grad schools and see what happens next for me. i'd really rather be on the other side of a learning phase, but...
here's to learning...

on doing much when given little, via mackenzie

on pain, as a person, via tobin

& i'm flattered to have been featured on this blog, via brittan

read, enjoy, learn, listen, share, happy weekend