Monday, December 7, 2009

sing loudly

climbing up one side of a gnarled, twisting tree
just to get to the other side, a ribbon purple sky
and waving hands out there of ones who were
never told to cry.
a flag in the air of one, a red rag grasped in the
fingers for to scream of the rage.
a scream of a whisper of a yelp of a plea
not to screech but to inform of a voice
not usually heard of a face not usually seen
of a life not usually known or been
to the other side.
a flower turned inside out on the
fancy table plate for the selected ones.
looking through the bent back tulips
and not only seeing how the other half
lives but begging for it and how troublesome
that is. being current measures of success
are what we all dream for hope for scream
and scream and scream for.
leaning against the gnarled, twisting tree
scratched bark on our backs and rain
beginning to come only hoping to be
safe under the bare arms of a dead tree that doesn't
promise anything but whispering just to be.
heels digging in the wet dirt, toes
glittering with drops of dew, hands
bracing the earth held up by the strong
arms of a woman saying i will not apologize
for the advances made by my people i will
not apologize for demanding more i will not
apologize for making anyone feel
uncomfortable of my plight because
measuring how far we've come is sweet and pure
but it's not good enough anymore and
asking questions why why why?
why am i not paid as much as the man in
my office doing the same job who just bought
a new car? i have mouths to feed and trips
to plan because i've been dreaming of
the far away orient all my life why why why why
do i not deserve that as much as the
other? and why why why why am i crippled
like the crippling dead twisting tree
above me that i support my back upon?
crippled for to make the bills each month
each desire of mine getting further away
because i'm sorry i can' pay.
because i'm sorry honey, you're not strong
enough. i'm sorry honey, it's a man's world.
i'm sorry honey you're too pretty you're not
pretty enough. well man, you gotta stop
apologizing too because when did my
looks and the beautiful folds of my vagina
make me incompetent to handle what
you do? when did my hips and my
demeanor and the timber of my
voice mean i am less?
my daddy told me i deserve the best
and these best aren't giving to the
rest and rest can't rest because hell
it's a man's world out there.
but the ribbon purple sky doesn't
care who i am it rains on everyone
so let's take our lesson from the air
and breathe deeply, sing loudly,
thunder ravenously until every bone
and every foot and every head has
heard our voice, has felt our presence,
has needed us to survive, has respected
our product, who looks to us for omens
and wisdom and guidance and
strength and comfort.
sing loudly into the open violent violet
red rage sky until all is equal, until all
has passed, until apologies are no
longer needed and i beat on my
chest with a thunderous cry
we have overcome.

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