Thursday, January 14, 2010

cushion backed couches in the onion room

sitting sandwiched between two brunette
girls hair curling 'round their ears,
golden mahogany guitars under their
right arms strummin' harmonizin'
singin' 'bout soldiers with their own
combat boots tapping the low low floor.
dark black fingernails and a room that
smells like onion teeth but beautiful
sounds urging from their lips breathlessly
swirling into my own curly-haired edged
ears, sitting quietly with my eyes to the
ceiling just thinkin' just hardly wonderin'
emptying my mind looking at the sun
coming in through the kitchen window
and no more thoughts a raspy voice
coming from the girl in the boots
sayin' sweet olive tree and honey bee
and the other golden cheeks auburn
eyebrows and a ring on her middle
finger. i feel my teeth with my tongue
and my own onion breath, put the
baby's breath on my head, sit back let
my eyelashes curl in rising scales.

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