Thursday, May 20, 2010


things like
looking long and
hard at a photograph
sayin' things like
"i'll see you tomorrow"
waking up to notes of
i'm already on the road
and goodbye.
sweet sounds of
buddhist monks
in the parking lot of
my mind.
equal chances monotony
or escape.
"c'etait un autre epoque"
i told them last week.
it was another time.
i welcome the end
of an era, lonely in
my room. and
wonder how will i
fit all my books in those
how will i finish the quilt
meant for my
how will i stop hating
appearances and love
myself again?
what will become of my
adult summers and
baseball in the street?
how many stamped
letters traveling north and
spoken promises
of visits and hospitality i'm
looking change in the
mirror, moving to
sleeping on couches
and none of my own
photographs and
forgetting things i told
people. dark, sugary
skin, and waiting to come
home again.
oh, heaven.
oh, lies.
oh, spinsecret.
oh, heads rested here and there.
oh, dear ones...goodbye.

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