Thursday, October 14, 2010


hey, folks.
i've updated my blogroll to your right.
weeded out the links of people who
don't really post anymore. and
added some people who do.
poetry, scribblings & other
cute crafts and inspirations
collage art, paintings, melancholy journals
and travel memoirs on pocketful of posies.
comics with dry humor from artist/graphic
designer extraordinaire stephen bobbett.
and don't forget the importance of the
fashion blog (my guilty pleasure) with
some of these lovelies have been kind enough
to feature my poetry series vid, (found here)
which i love them for.
in other news, i am thoroughly obsessed with the following:
sweet dreams chamomile mint tea,
the let it bleed album (specifically "gimme shelter"),
playing dress up when i can't sleep (often),
looking at laurel canyon bungalows on craigslist,
red wine spritzer with diet 7up (a criss fav),
getting my hair to do THIS someday,
putting creole spice on everything,
old theatre textbooks.

au revoir mes amis.


stephen said...

Oh, m'dear. Morpheus sadly slumbers for now. But Stephen is wide awake, if you care to change your link.

Have I mentioned how exquisite your words are?

jamie said...

oh, stephen! yes! i will put your blog up now & update!
i loved your mad men old-fashioned illustration.

and thank you
ever so much.

Lace.and.Likes. said...

i love this
and you