Monday, November 29, 2010

on sunday evening

last night i drove to midtown to see some LA friends, some of them are now sacramento friends, they're going to be living in a house, raisin' a baby. we sat and wore coats and blankets and scarves, kept warm in the cold living room and rum and laughin' then walked down some blocks to a place with music that had a latin beat behind everything, a lousy bartender and an elevated portion of the dark dark dance floor with black light posters and we danced. i closed my eyes and i danced. and being with these hippie friends of mine with dirty hair and comfy clothes and spirits that jump up and down and yell, we learn how to dance with wild abandon and i think to myself, when was the last time i actually closed my eyes and let the music take me completely and let my body do whatever it wants to do? and i think to myself, i might be getting some of these things i've been wanting.

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