Saturday, July 2, 2011


well nowadays i'm looking for a new job because i don't want to be a professional waitress. unfortunately the job search is almost as annoying as being in a job you strongly dislike. i'm hoping that if i do things like my roommate and thank the universe for things ahead of time before i get them then maybe i can will things into manifestation.

i keep wearing what i call my "man repelling" outfits but its not working and despite having so many nail colors to choose from, it turns out red is always the best nail color. always.

the older i get i find i'm getting to be more and more feminine (whatever that means, right?) even though i become more of a feminist everyday, i also find that everyday i embrace things like lipstick and high heels more and more. and maybe that's because sometimes they are irrelated and that i can be a feminist AND wear high heels in the same moment. as someone who has never owned lipstick save for dance performances when i was little, i now own at least nine. i usually have one in my purse with a compact. i have also taken up jogging and i like to clean. i really don't know who i have become. i think i am just becoming less lazy. which is like, a good thing. and maybe that also means i'll find a job sooner rather than later. lucky interview lipstick? what color..... hmmm...

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