Wednesday, October 26, 2011

adventure clothes.

i don't usually comment on fashion.
but for me, it's more about an entire mood or feeling.
clothes help me get into character or discover specific parts of myself.
and since i tend to get a little obsessive (a song, a color, a poet), i'm feeling a little obsessive about my "costumes." especially when it affects my mood so significantly.

so, lately i've been drawn to the following: mixed patterns, oversized sweaters (along with the idea of just being comfortable; tossing out the high waisted pants) and what i've been calling "adventure clothes." or, travel clothes if you will. denim, cotton, faux fur, distressed leather, layers. mix matched. durable. pioneer man. vagabond traveler. gypsy wayfarer. chipewa chief.

maybe it just happens to be the season.
everytime the first rains begin to come, i think about le marais.
i'm remembering the yaounde floods. and sore feet. and my UK ripped jeans.

happy travels.