Wednesday, November 2, 2011

things i don't need

i just can't seem to keep up i don't know
which album is the newest and greatest thing
to listen to nor do i know the silhouette of
the season or if my hair should be lighter or
darker. i like waking up early even though my
roommate thinks i'm crazy. i want to wear big
sweaters every day and listen to the same iron
& wine album when i fall asleep. i'm selling all the
things i don't need and loading the film in my
camera properly. i'm wearing jeans to cover up
my bruises and purposely trying not to text you.
i'm hoping i make friends at my new job because
i just couldn't bear the loneliness of shifts without
talking. i have a problem with collecting striped
shirts. i am crossing my fingers my film doesn't
come out blank. i'm making sketches for paintings.
my classmate said i should give hollywood a go.
i scrunched my nose at her.
i am trying to be most truthful.
today i thought, at least my life isn't boring.

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