Thursday, February 16, 2012

love letters to the end

my wonderful, beautiful neighbors and friends (tin santos, peter dean, julia mcalee, ryan maxey) have created a new project. a short webseries called Love Letters To The End. below is episode one of the 12 part series (one for every month of this year). inspired by the possibility that it all might come to an end this year, write your anonymous love letter to the world and send it here:

Love Letters To The End
PO Box 17693
Los Angeles, CA 90017-0693

your letter could end up as part of the narrative. keep your ear tuned to the music of shawn morones and brittany weston of cigarette barbies in the background of this episode. and also, stay tuned for yours truly to show up in episode two. visit their website here to learn more.

Love Letters to the End - Episode 1 from Love Letters to the End on Vimeo.

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