Sunday, February 15, 2009

1,000 places to see before you die

all officially from the book of the same title.

..vieux lyon
..marche aux puces de clignancourt
..bastille day
..grande place, bruxelles
..british museum
..monterey peninsula
..sf cable cars city
..west end

to do:
..cesky krumlov
..the camargue and gypsy pilgrimage
..aran islands
..isle of skye
..loch ness orleans
..taj mahal
..climb kilimanjaro
..victoria falls

*house party southern paris
*a rainy bus to oxford via reading
*graffiti spain
*film a birth, cameroon
*get treated for malaria, west africa
*wash down belgian waffles with belgian beer
*refuse sex on the streets of nice
*watch fireworks under the eiffel tower
*serve lunch to homeless, invalides

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