Thursday, February 5, 2009

it was a year ago

and i've just been thinking about it, as wednesday slipped into thursday.

the best laid plans of mice and men, oft go awry.


Anonymous said...


that was such a heartwrenchingly good production.

(did i tell you curly's wife's "i come from salinas" was the first monologue i ever learned? she is such an important character. for so many reasons.)

Anonymous said...

(and, you were brilliant as her. just brilliant!)

jamie said...

oh i did not know that was your first monologue! she IS so important and i miss her a lot.

and merci very much, dear.

Carrie said...

This was one of the BEST productions APU has even graced the stage with! You were so beautiful and strong and lovely and broken up there on stage. I was so proud of you I nearly cried. You had finally had a dream come true. It was a delight to witness and be apart of and remember long talks in our dorm rooms about theater classes and theater kids and great monologues and the amazing Monica. It was also a delight to hear your Dad cry to your Mom, "isn't she incredible?" and you were.