Friday, April 3, 2009

the shared flute, or how the wind blows

and he said, "none of this belongs to me."
and then he said, "we have nothing to lose."
and i held his hand. and i could smell him.
his shoulder.

we lied down and the air was heavy. of
thoughts. and being content. with
how things are. and i thought of bob dylan.
and i thought of nothing and nothing to lose.

and it was usual. being on the blue bed.
that sits up high. and it's a little un-
comfortable. but it is home. and the fact
is, i remember things.

there's a constant need to have things
from thrift stores. things that used to
belong to other people. and it's just like
he said. "none of this belongs to me."

we are trading everything. and i'll trade
you my patchwork heart for your pencil
brave. i'll trade you mug for owl. i'll burn
a candle if you.

so he gave me a kiss and i touched his hair.
but being even doesn't matter. i'll drive if
you sing. i'll give you this and i will be happy.
today, once.


taylor mckay said...

holy shit.

this is my favorite of yours.

Brittany said...


ptr grg knt said...

'trade you my patchwork heart for your pencil brave'

catchy, m'favorite.

Anonymous said...

na prawda

jamie said...

many thanks. friends.