Monday, April 6, 2009

wherever the leaf falls

elementary garden way
elephant parade
florescent tubes, groove
toon, rude.
cement and toes and female woes.
headache brain
sparkle wave
finger rings sweat hide
and go seek.
cigarette holder longer further
more and you, meek
smoke light flute peru
pretty flower, flag
come find her
venus trap collapse re-do
the free love girl
not me, not you
one more smoke
lists, crisp, to roll
not this.
script scribe penmanship


Tobin said...

i want this poem to be made into a quilt so i can wrap myself up in it like a burrito and take a nap in its rhythm..

it's that good :)

ps. sparkle wave. ya girl.

Anonymous said...

beautiful lady.
beautiful, lady.