Saturday, June 6, 2009

la maison d'amour.

i've moved into a new house and,
it is really beautiful and,
you only really love azusa
because of the people.

and i really do love the people.
and, because of this,
i really do love azusa.

i practiced my french.
and drove in the rain.
and put boxes in corners.
and made couches for lovers.

it is happy here.
et tous les personnes
are all falling into the
right grooves. i feel.

i can feel people looking at me
and making traces of my lines.
my body, the words, eyelashes,
speech, fingertips et je deteste ca.
vraiment mais je suis confus aussi.

and he went back to the marina.
and we passed out in beds.
and i forget that i am right down
the street. and this makes me happy.

okay? this makes me happy.
i am in azusa, and this makes
me happy okay? okay.

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