Thursday, April 29, 2010

ma visage

i'm frustrated and confused
and feeling frustrated at my face
(and my arms and my neck and my tummy)
at wanting a beautiful face
and why face really matters
why do our faces really matter?
i communicate with my face
people have to look at my face and when
they look at my face they perceive it to
be the essence of me
my face
and my mouth
the way that i speak the way that i
speak to people


Allison said...

I hate that feeling pretty matters so much. I hate that I can almost never go into public without makeup plastered on my face (and if I do go without, I will wear giant sunglasses for cover). And I hate that when I'm having a bad day, feeling horrid about myself, that people will tell me I am pretty, because there! THERE! They're telling me that being pretty MATTERS! And that doesn't make me feel better. It just makes me angry.

And yet I still wear my makeup and dye my hair and think about new styles, etc. And sometimes I call it art, because sometimes it really is art, but mostly it's just negative self-consciousness.

stephen said...

Cosmo is written by men and other liars.