Saturday, June 19, 2010

crocheted blankets

my golden tipped hair and things
like evann marie and the victorian.
emails and snail mails and stamps
and fathers, thank you.
small circles of people chatting,
every night, after work.
trading porches with couches
and deep, hollow ashtrays.
lying on my back in my peaceful
room, not wanting to pack
everything up.
missing people and the old
stomping grounds.
things are changing.
wearing my boyfriend's
clothes and being comfortable and
not reading magazines.
quilts and crocheted blankets i
think about something i want to
create for erin. my erin is
getting married. melanie
makes things like homemade
croutons and sews with a thimble
says she never wants to have
kids. we think about tattoos
and meaningful things to
say on your arm.
change is coming but i'm just
a little girl still. i want big things,
i want so many things.
i'm ready, i'm not ready.


Brittany Joy said...

love this

Barbie said...

never ready < = > always ready