Thursday, June 10, 2010


collecting bracelets,
and people charms,
and metaphorical
locks of hair.
gathering scripts,
and brainstorm lists.
keeping free drink
tokens in my

wondering how i
ever got into this
circle of friends.
in this particular
circle of
the way he smokes
his cigarette, his
beautiful face.
and what is correct,
for gender.
what is correct for
my gender.

i reach out my hand,
but pete doesn't see me.
he doesn't see his
girlfriend either.
her name is jamie.
and she smiled at me
like an older sister, said
"how do you spell it?"

like theater in the round
we receive, from all sides,
the one man show, the
story of our lives. and i
wonder how the black
crow flies. how we perceive
changes in time. and i
feel an invigoration that
my new collections i'm
keeping keep getting
bigger and deeper and
the meat of my brain is
thick and heavy with it all,
my collections. i'm
collecting bracelets,
for jamie.


Tom said...

Enigmatic and interesting to read, as always. I liked the imagery of brain meat. I think you have a lot of talent.

jamie said...

why, thank you :)