Sunday, September 12, 2010


if only my thoughts might lift
out of my head and, like you
said, reach out and touch yours
and then we'd have a moment.
and maybe it's true.
but for now i think about
mackenzie's book out of solitude
and this book my dad gave
me about marriage and how
i'm going to see mariah on
and each good moment is a gift
and each bad one is a lesson.
and each day is made of moments
to either relish in or simply get
and i have a word i wrote above
my bed that just says learn.
and it reminds me that age
does not matter, success does
not matter and neither do the
lines on my face or what type
of job i have or what kind of
money i do not.
all of these moment that are
good or bad are learning
moments and i get better
from each of them. i get better
by making decisions and living
with them. i get better by
reading and breathing and
cooking and walking and
listening. i get better especially
by listening. i get better by
being sad and knowing what
it is to be a human. i get better
by hearing my parents because
they have lived longer than me.
i'll be better not just when i
am happy but when i
know i have learned.
and when i can see that
my wings have grown and our
thoughts can touch each other
in a moment.


Brittany Joy said...

this is fucking beautiful. preach it sista!

jamie said...

the phrase "preach it" has been said to me a number of times this week. i might be on to something...thank you love.