Thursday, December 2, 2010


or BK4Lyf
i have this brooklyner friend & he's been using a 35mm since his digital camera broke. (he should keep taking photos, yes? let's encourage this)
i asked him to take some pictures of brooklyn that evoked the true feeling of the place since i've never been there. i personally love how they turned out.

the first time i came to brooklyn, i stayed in a very industrial part (the part where i now live) and factories and lofts are what define my surroundings and initial memories here.
my friends and i are always arguing about if BK is better than manhattan. i was trying to find something that showed this divide. BK4Lyf.
my friend kim's apartment in kensington is amazing. this is her kitchen.
this is how i feel every time i think about my life in new york in general. everything will be ok... maybe.
people are always blatantly ignoring parking signs that aren't put there by the city. the clothesline adds to the charm.
photo cred: jonathan smith

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