Monday, December 6, 2010

hallelujah songs about love

the storm has passed and now the sky is clear
and the starry sky on the dark drive home from
yuba city might be one of my favorite things about
living here. the calm and the quiet. i can feel my
flushed cheeks from the car heater and hallelujah
songs i sing to. i wonder what your move to LA
will look like, kristina says and me too. i like not
knowing, i say. i keep slips of paper with book
titles on them and letters from friends on my
bedside table and i wake up very groggy every
day wondering what time is it, where's my phone,
who has tried to reach me in the night, and often
its no one but now and again werner sends me jokes,
punchlines with puns and bad words or people saying
when will i see you again? i really don't know but
i'll be oregon bound on the twenty-ninth and noah
was in my dream last night he worked at a bank
and wore ripped jeans and i've been thinking about
lambrusco and auld lang syne and a boy's arm around
my shoulder and singing my hallelujah songs about

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