Wednesday, March 23, 2011


lists of books with check marks,
sitting in obscure small towns
with a history of racism,
condensation on cups of ice tea,
the texts you send me.
highlighting key phrases and
seeing adrian, the boy at the
coffeehouse who knows my
regular drink. scribbling in
a notebook for allie where we
will trade pen marks; lives.
getting ready to leave,
photoshoots, press packets,
donating my clothes, family
game night. wanting for summer,
hot weather, the beach and my
transistor radio, listening to a ball
game. imagining new life on the
boulevard, wind chimes, hot days,
the turntable and locks of curly
hair. sweatpants, fur hats,
tongue rings, rainbow straps.
imagination and creation,
the creation of things and
feelings, spaces, safe havens.
a neighborhood vibe and
closing time. welcoming april,
and making lists of march.

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