Tuesday, June 21, 2011

grad school

today i decided to devote towards researching grad school programs. let's just say i'm overwhelmed. everything from making lists of all my interested fields, getting as specific as possible and recognizing overlaps, finding programs in cities i like, to aaallll the application requirements and procedures. but what i have found to be very important today was to research by dream jobs and their requirements. i want to be a professor but every institution has different criteria for their faculty. i have so many questions when it comes to grad school i don't know where to even start but what is exciting is that i know what i want to do (generally speaking) and being able to fantasize about my future scholarly life. directing plays in the theatre department and pretentiously talking about literature with professor friends over chianti. muahaha. but best of all would be to get to teach acting. in the classroom. with the students. meisner, voice coaching, workshopping and watching magic happen when someone gets it, when a scene finally comes to life, when an actor becomes someone else and we are lost in the moment and forget that they were acting. the phrase i can't wait simply does not describe it. i really really really really can't wait.


Amy G. said...

Reading this made me very happy because I can see you perfectly doing all these things. And I cannot wait for the four of us to come watch one of your plays.

jamie said...

yes! yay!

i had this i'm-25-and-need-to-start-actively-pursuing-what-i-want moment. my goals are a long way off but i'm starting the process.