Wednesday, June 15, 2011


the thing about being awake at 5am is that you can hear things you normally can't. it's quiet enough that i can hear the freeway sounds and that makes me glad i am in my cozy room. or it makes me wish i was packing up for a road trip, leavin' early in the morning like i always do. also, i can hear the people that get up this early for work. there aren't many, just a few. but i can hear them, the tinkle of their keys, the engine starting. if you wait long enough, the sky will start to lighten and a wintry blue hangs everywhere. birds start to chirp. and if everything i could take in with my eyes were a painting, it'd have this really beautiful color palette of the golden amber of my lamp glowing in my bedroom with the cerulean haziness of outside coming in. i'm awake and bored. and a little hungry. the internet in my room isn't good enough to watch anything on hulu so i just sit here and yawn, maybe read, hope i'll fall asleep, consider taking a shower, think about the day ahead. it's a beautiful morning. but i hope tomorrow, i'm not awake for it.


Carrie said...

Love your description of early morning. I hate getting up that early, but I do love the silence. So peaceful.

jamie said...

thanks carrie. this is what happens when insomnia hits me :)