Friday, August 5, 2011


i have moments where i think i may
be crazy, especially when i realize
that i've pulled the covers over my
head and have been talking to myself
in french for an hour. it's true, i've
been dreaming in french too.
and you don't have to say a
word, i know how you feel.
the necessity for words has
decreased, but the need for a
feast has increased since the
image queens ceased and here
i am talking crazy again;
taking sleep aids in the evening
to keep my brain from bleeding
and trying to find something that'll
help the words come back to me
because i wrote a sonnet in the
shower but then i couldn't remember
and then a poem in french -
couldn't remember that neither.
so then sleep with wet hair on
my back and fishy eyelids for
sleep and dusting my feet
and being hypnotized is nice,
goodnight and goodbye.
a hundred things on
my mind so i just sing french songs,
drink wine, lie sideways on the couch,
try and think of things to write.

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