Sunday, August 28, 2011


lately, it's been things like endless record
playing and taking turns.
muted vhs tapes and hallowed
out words.
boys smoking cigarettes in the
living room, yelling at each other
through the telephone.
summer is typified in late treehouse
nights with taylor and shawn.
seeing bob dylan and quitting
my job.
mondays in echo park with the
view of city lights, sleepovers
and hot mornings
and a kiss before goodbye.
and lately, it's been learning how
to manifest good.
believing things will happen,
knowing that they should.
choosing not to worry,
letting go,
being happy.
talking about things like
tattoos and balloons and how
to write without nostalgia.
cookie sheets and long dinner
tables, chapstick and plums
and again - the record player.
hoping that summer will
leave soon and my water
will boil fast.
rocks stuck in cement cracks.
phone calls with nick from
el paso, texas and i'm trying to
figure out how to write and that
i can never say it right.
but then it's dusk again and there
are texts about plans but i'm
tightrope walking on the planks
of my floor and i never saw you
before and i'm busy,
i'm learning how to tightrope walk
on the floor.