Saturday, September 24, 2011


eleven thirty am on a saturday morning still
cold and gray outside and one hour ago i put
my prayered hands to my heart, bent my
head, prayed thanks autumn for coming again
and maybe my favorite season isn't fall or spring
but it's those few weeks at the start of each,
the anticipated time of transition when the previous
season is getting too repetitious. the end of summer
when the heat is too much, the thought of hats
and coats gives you a rush or with the first icy snow
brings the smell of christmas you say farewell to the
leaves and hello to the cold.
then after long months of rain and soaking wet feet
you welcome the spring, the sun's first heat.
the flowers start to bloom and then pretty soon
you're getting ready for baseball games and days
at the beach, barbeques and intense summer heat.
right now i welcome the fall with open sweatered
arms and remember that autumn too is about new
beginnings, the harvest and moons and feasts
wrapping warm socks around chilly toed feet.
so i fold my hands to my heart, close my eyes
and pray thanks autumn for returning again.

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