Thursday, December 25, 2008

christmas list

i've found the thing.  two parts vodka, one part kahlua, float some cream, serve in a christmas glass with little trees on it...and hand it lovingly to my mother.  two shots of whiskey, one for dad, one for brother ryan.  fill crystal wine goblets with a healthy slurping of valdeguie (gamet beaujolais) for his fiancee and myself.  surround table and play aggravation til your side hurts with laughter, play the christmas mixed cd he made me.  the texts from shawn every 8 - 13 minutes not only comfort or fill with joy, they also bring on hilarious taunts from the rest of the family who insist on knowing what he says and that i recite exactly what i respond.  

-patience, and sweetness
-japanese homeless
-fuck the man
- he borrowed
-vegas church
-30 albums
-bed frame, re: stacks
-applications, compilations
-stars LA doesn't have
-no smoking

and this. because of the traveling neighborhood. and they think it is important. and so i also think it is important. though, i have a funny feeling, i would think it is important anyway. 
the beckoning of lovely.


Anonymous said...

you're one of they
you know

jamie said...

i'm blushing