Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the life of hunger

we find what is necessary and, like fools,
let it go. drown out voices saying,
"you're brilliant" or "beautiful," "smart,"
"worthy" or "it's o.k. - keep on" (her)

"these are hard times," he says "and i'm learning"

saddened, scribble limericks on
denny's paper placemat coffee edges
and a c'est la vie grin
mug to mouth, and tear on cheek

look for hope in her eyes.
count out quarters, pay the waitress
jingle pennies in your shoes
we smile because, it's funny.

sometimes yes, my head sinks low
but as it falls i see my hand holding his
and i notice: we're laughing.
and there's enough gas in the car to

get us home. and nick lives down the street.
sell off my clothes to pay for rent but never
ever my books. and i've told myself i can't
write like anyone but me.

there's no food on the table
but i've always had enough.
hunger never hurt me as much
as missing the ones i love.

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