Thursday, December 18, 2008

o deeper

my life and words and laugh and sad come from 
                 my people so please don't send me away. 
i wish i was a deep thinker. i like deep thinkers. 
quiet mysterious people who rarely speak but then 
open their mouths. oh holy books in their eyes.  they 
sleep in large clouds. they rest in small cups. lights flicker
binderwhisper o coming from their hair. darkness
from their. hands. the sad sweet kind. momentous but 
quiet in passing. makes me feel light. i know they're heavy. 
i know they're burdened. i don't envy. they don't get it.
(neither do i) that's why they deep thinkly. their ideas
are finite and sad. or imaginative and freeing. we become
curiouser.                                more wondering.
                                  forever unknowing.
the whole scrappy jumble of thoughts deeper. 

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