Sunday, January 18, 2009

i see the animals run past me

( jan uar y eleve n )

midnight. i want breakfast.
and they all start school tomorrow.
and i turned twe nty three-three days ago.
there is a lime tree.  and couches outside.
chipped nailpolish and scribbling.

i remember when i was a lady ragdoll.
planes and orion. the garage recording studio.
rachael is a name.  and so is johanna. 
columbus was fame.  and i'm waiting for the light to go off.

i remember two summers ago depressed.  insane.  cabin fever crazy.
i wrote things i didn't know.  looking at my books.
was looking at unknown author.  you write when you are longing.

( eig hte een )

mixed tapes with the warm sound.
for my friends.  and the epic who.
quilts and bugler and dirty typewriter.

parades and girls for monday.
and growing out your hair is painful.
brown paper packages are wonderful.

and all the colored girls said.
do do do do do duh da do do do.

swedish sisters.  robes.  head.
lost songs.  flowers.  rediscovery.  renew.
back scratch.  one kiss.  lennon.  mods.  sugar.
stripes.  doll house.  sex.  globe.  nametag.  audrey.

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