Wednesday, January 7, 2009

the resolution post

there is nothing about resolutions here, actually.
i am back in monroviatowncalifornia.
from scattering myself around. 
pleasanton. rocklin. san francisco. danville. berkeley. 
i spent christmas with my parents and brother and his fiancee.
i spent new years with some of my best friends. and my love.

new years eve.
still 2008.
it was the city.
and allie's roommate invited us to her room at the hilton.
where we drank cocktails, wore red lipstick. and i told her the news.
we were girls in the bathroom. we stopped in every liquor store
on the way.  little fifth bottles in coat pockets.
walked up more hills than bridges.  
the bus. that was funny. 
ziggy's arm around jess. he'd been eyeing the other one all night.
and he taught us "i may be easy but i ain't cheap" and we laughed.

it took us downtown. 
we ran. 
to union and market. midnite. and barely caught the fireworks.
we all kissed.  and were showered in champagne.
and sang auld lang syne. and i was reminded.
why this is one of my favorite favorite things.
old acquaintances not forgot. and glorious beginnings. 

we took the train back to alex's house.
and cosy, slept next to each other.

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