Wednesday, January 21, 2009

a room of her own

a room of her own.

her own.  room.

of whispers and secrets

and music. given to her.

she keeps them.  her own.

every tingle feeling from lover.

each tightly wound sentence

uttered near ear.  each sisterphrase.

or mutual essence felt when reading

another's work. 

when (he) said you make me happy.

when she glanced her whole

glance. and i knew.

when kerouac burst through.

when his song i his muse. 

and my room i kept them.

always my room. my own.


lindsay said...

(i think so too,
that virginia w.
is wonderful)

Carrie said...

Freaking love this poem! Gosh, you are so talented. I have writer envy every time, followed by a bad case of writer's block.