Tuesday, August 25, 2009

i like

i like breakfast and sundresses. stripes, paint and elephants from stephanie. i like boxes and paper and a fan on the floor. i like our green carpet and happy birthday signs. i like markers. i like clouds and clouds by joni mitchell. i like joni mitchell. i like giant towels and tiny bits of glitter like when you make my insides feel like glitter. i like the way you make me feel. i like the hair on your lip tickle me when you kiss my neck. i like your freckles and your songs. i hate some of your itunes favorites and i hate feeling nervous (nervous sad), i hate when people say "aka," but i love when people refer to something as "the best deal in town." i like old pictures of mom and baby pictures of ryan. i used to like coloured pencils. i like having big wishes but i don't like when they don't come true. i like unexpected things that are good good good. i like bonnets on babies and backpacks on kids and feathers in her hair. i hate ikea and i hate humidity. i hate when you put words in my mouth or throw a tantrum. i like my boston shirt and cold sheets on freshly shaven legs. i like flying but i hate waiting to board. i like abbey road and our tall tall sunflowers. i like kensington gardens, i hate when candles don't fit in candlesticks. i like my dad's stories. i like frank zappa as a person but not his music. i like bringing you soup when you're sick. i like feeling smart (i like feeling smarter than other people). i like george harrison. i hate copycats and brittany's ugly lamp. i like roadtrips and i like when tobin and i notice the sky. i like the wombies and coffee and good sweet love. when you smile as you wake up. when you kiss my shoulder. when you listen to the beatles and when you touch my hair and when you laugh. i like it when you laugh.

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