Monday, August 3, 2009

soul earth

oh, i feel like some ancient wiyot girl.
as i crouch on a rock in the middle of the creek.
i feel the grooves with my fingers and loose dirt
underneath, then feeling the shape with my hands
and holding it like a lover.

i am silent.
i am listening to the voices of nature
and what the earth might give me.

what does the shape of a leaf mean?
how will i interpret the sky?
what says the tallest tree?
who will i become when i die?

where does the sand go?
how many tunes does the bird know?

what is a flower?
how many years has the fern been here?
i can feel the earth.
and i can feel wisdom in the sweet bark of

oh, come wiyots i know your sad story.
my skin is not brown. i am native, too.
i am sorry the pages i write on come from
your homes. i did not mean it. and i'm
sorry about the boats.

i am brave
like the good soul earth.
and i am gentle as a child.

i am silent.
i am listening to the voices of nature.
what the earth might give me.

1 comment:

thekitchenboy said...

it is so wonderful to be here to see, these things that you are seeing and thinking, embodied.