Wednesday, August 19, 2009

in the cool room

green and white. grey and blue. cool room and i need a desk. making signs for brittany's birthday. listening to leona naess and george harrison and important words spoken to me. leaving room in the glass and slinking into couch. hearing everyone talk about love and their opinions. ashtrays and petting our dog, cheyenne. you're on my mind. fill up boxes with memories and paper things. play the guitar with the missing string and watch a sad, sad movie. i'm trying not to be depressed, o.k.? i am reading the bluest eye, o.k.? you left your sunglasses behind, they are sitting on my bedside table. art box and supplies and lots of things to start. the broken videocamera, too. wanting for sweaters. thick ones, to pull over the head. van gogh, pronounced correctly. shopping for broccoli and salt and the colour of my bed. writing the same thing over and over again oh i wish my headaches would go away. i'm learning as i go.

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