Monday, February 15, 2010


i am growing & growing outward. 
two steps forward & one step back
& that is still progress. 
removing the block between my 
head & my mouth that halted
the words from coming out
& i'm speaking up. 
& speaking to & speaking with.
i'm learning about inequality
& vegetables & stars.
never doing laundry & 
never washing my hair. 
correspondence with dad & him 
telling me all things must pass
listen to good ole george today.
we sing my sweet lord.
& hare hare the hummingbird
i'm growing upward & outward
& downward & sideways. 
tuesdays & long plays 
about freedom & wishes
doing the dishes.
telling you "yes" & learning
& "yes" i promise i will
come & see you i promise
i'll be your witness "yes"
i promise. 


Rachael Ann Lunghi said...

this reminds me of a much more mature shel silverstein poem.
i hope that is a good thing
because i love it.



Tobin said...


Brittany said...

ugh. you are wonderful.

p.s. i think the image of growing in all directions is always beautiful and more accurate.