Thursday, February 11, 2010

second class citizen

headache and i want to
say new things. proud
and trying to be strong
and feelin' down and
sometimes angry.
booker t washington,
the soulful grapes
and aches, empty
bottles, corn shells,
conch shells, rainbow
beads and listening
to me. news articles in
papers and people
filled with hatred and
feeling like a second
class citizen. it hurts,
burns, and trying to
explain feminism and
equality to people who
don't ever seem to
understand. cope with
hope, at the end of our
rope. i'm sad seeing the
faces of the ones
threatened, that one of
the smaller groups will
change the thousand year
old system that prefers
them. bigotry and
christianity. gay and
straight. male and female.
standing up and staying
strong. heart flutters
and open shutters.
teaming and revealing,
stolen hard drives, stolen
dreams. mushroom tops,
smiles, forgetting things.
missing mack and hearing
songs. new recordings,
old hugs, chapped lip
kisses, raising eyebrows,
making conclusions,
no conclusions, staying
strong, staying strong,
staying strong.

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