Tuesday, February 9, 2010


my feet are really cold
it didn't look like it
would be a dreary
day. and then,
of a sudden, it was drafty
and raining on my
unprotected head,
in my worn thin red
sweater just my
brassiere underneath
and skin. and toes cold
peeking through holes in
sky grey shiny flats,
droplets of water on top
of each. the hard cement
floor of the classroom
unwarming and lecture
dragging on and spinning
like the orbitals we're
discussing and imperfect
circles. tycho brahe.
staring at the upper right
corner of the white room,
silenced in my head with
a small disappointment,
and not as excited about
los angeles as i want to be.
i think about a griffith
observatory field trip and
it's location. grass and orbs.
glass orbs. the poetry book
atop the science book.
and look, a spider clinging
to the wall, newton
eyeing him himself.
and wealth. the triangle
points, los angeles, san
francisco and myself.
and all other triangles to
be submerged and emerged.
what happens to a dream


Tobin said...

ya i feel pretty great about the syntax of this.

so LA losing appeal?

jamie said...

the photo icon? dream. heart toast.

its not losing appeal..well maybe. i'm just waiting to be excited about it again. i was secretly hoping for more of a change. i'll come around.