Thursday, March 25, 2010

maybe they're sorry now

gettin' in debates lately,
wonderin' if i'm a mean
person but then i thought,
no, jamie, whoa, jamie,
you're speakin' up, and i
patted myself on the back,
and smiled a little and
said "this is a good thing"
i was once so quiet so
non-spoken and i always
bein' told all the time
that i have powerful
words and words are
powerful. so all these years
i've been quiet, i've been
learnin' readin' learnin'
always writin' never speakin'
and now it's time to say
"hey" and i speak up
about things like
immigration and gay rights
and feminism and what is
it to be woman? and what is
it to be a man? and what
do i want? and yes, i'm
going to do what i want.
and i'm not going to do what
i don't want. i'm going to read
novels by tom robbins and
not be afraid to disagree
with people and not let people
tell me i need to calm down..
these were the same people
who told me to speak up,
maybe they're sorry now.
i will own my emotions and
validate them, let them
help me, let them help others.
trust my intuition and use my
words to educate, inform and
build up. we have so much
building up to do.

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