Tuesday, August 31, 2010

because i am a goat

i want to walk in trees and say pretty things
with a curly haired dream. i want to take photos
of allie in paris and pictures of sidewalk cracks too.
i want to hop on a train to dijon. i want to speak
different languages and lay my body down on the
floor. i want to practice pronunciation and rolling
my r's. i want to part my hair in a different place.
i want to be on the top of a mountain because i am
a goat. i want to see in black and white and hear
stories from an old woman. i want to collect jewels
for my fingers and braids for my hair. i want to blink
almond eyes and see my love come to visit me. i want
to dance with wild abandon. laugh hysterically. wear
paint on my sun-tanned shoulders, and on my fingernails.
i want to buy a one-way ticket. i want to buy school supplies
and i want to go to school. i want to get a tattoo with my
best friends. i want to drink wine in napa. i want to make
little movies and just smile. i want a song named after me
and a poem named after you. i want to meet you in italy.
i want gelato right now. i want to feel the crackling wood
boards of a stage under my hands and my feet. i want to
feel the lights on me. i want to dip my feet in the backyard
pool. i want to listen to music with dad. i want to see my
nephew discover something new. i want to kiss. i want you
to hold me in the night. and in the morning too. and in the
morning too, i want you.


Anonymous said...

this is beautiful.

don't you have enough for a book by now? when's it coming?

I'm Tom said...

This is so good. I loved this line:

"i want to part my hair in a different place. "

Tobin said...

i'll help you practice rolling your r's... in spain...

jewels on your fingers? I'll probably steal them right off.

tattoos: so soon

thanks for writing consistently. i hadn't in so damn long, and finally i have again and it feels so good, and you've always been so good at encouraging this kind of writing that saves the soul :)

jamie said...

rach- yes i believe i do. *sigh* its coming..hopefully

tom- thank you

tobs- i'm gonna learn spanish, someday, i promise... and keep writing my love.