Sunday, August 8, 2010

nothing at all

i've been putting all my stuff in boxes...again.
i haven't left the phase of life where moving
every 6 - 12 months is normal.
i like that.
even though moving is something i hate.
i love that i am still in this phase.
always moving.
even if it is only to somewhere nearby.
i learn so much by changing towns.
i learn what i am capable of.
and i think,
i am capable of much.
i have been relying on the hospitality of
others, which i love. because
hospitality is so so important.
sometimes i offer it.
sometimes i use it.
in the next few days i will use shawn's
parents washer and dryer to do
some laundry.
to wash clothes i haven't washed in
over a month.
i've been wearing dirty clothes to
work. and everywhere i go.
its only a slight discomfort.
i haven't had any caffeine today,
and i am proud of that.
i also don't smoke cigarettes anymore,
i am also proud of that.
i am learning from all my reading lately.
i am learning about hard work.
i am also learning about doing nothing.
not entertainment, but
enjoyment. and not feeling guilty
when i enjoy a day off.
i guess, in the past, i feel like i
don't deserve it. and maybe, i don't.
but there is nothing wrong in spending
your one day off reading, sipping lemonade,
talking to a friend and lying on the couch.
nothing wrong with that at all.

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