Thursday, August 5, 2010

...sending postcards

my friend amy shared this blog with me and i just have to share it with all of you. the url is a fellow blogspot, about a newlywed couple, alex and mina who sold their home and their belongings, got married and are taking a trip around the world while documenting everything. i got it this morning at 9:30 and have already wasted two hours looking at their photos from mexico, south africa, ecuador, united arab emirates and belgium.

my boyfriend shawn is in australia right now with his brother mark and dropping them off at the airport on monday (among other things) has gotten the travel bug in me again. (i don't know why i really say 'again.' the travel bug is sort of perpetually in me, making me forever unsatisfied). alas, the itch is getting so bad i've been signing up for free trip sweepstakes, checking for the cheapest flight to europe for next summer and getting ready to apply to the university of oslo in norway where they have an ibsen studies master's program (scandinavian higher education is FREE, even for international students). i dream of what it would be like to travel with shawn, despite his picky food habits, i know it would be such an adventure and something we have been talking about since we met over two years ago.

i feel funny about this post since i'm not the typical blogger and usually throw poetry and quotes and lists and strange photos and mysterious things at you. the point is, sending postcards is a blog worth your fact, too much time. if you're anything like me, you might spend all day rifling through their journey and then a few more hours researching flight routes and prices. the daydreaming just never stops. lately its been spain and cameroon, from my previous travels, that have been haunting me. egypt and italy and thailand are now calling my name and *sigh* i guess we'll just have to see where life takes me. or us.


Carrie said...

I just saw this blog referenced on Naturally Nina's blog (on mine). The couple wrote a guest post. Super cute. Wonder how Amy found it?

jamie said...

i don't know! but i'm glad she did. the travel itch has never been stronger...i'm on a mission to get myself outta here STAT

sasha said...

blog friends! You're readingmy mind about the travel bug. it never leaves. i don't think I'll ever go thru that "nesting" phase most women eventually have. I'm going to Bangkok in January for a month to work with women who have been trafficked. let me know if u want info, plane ticktes are only $1000 right now, and rent is dirt cheap

jamie said...

send me info! why not?

Amy G. said...

i know James. i can't stop looking at it, but i hate it at the same time.

wombies do europe needs to happen sometime in our lives.