Thursday, January 27, 2011

one two three

late night whisper
conversations over
a wine glass sitting
at my feet and one
two three cigarettes
talking to myself i
don't have roommates
anymore they were
always on the porch
when i got home
we'd sit and talk and
chain smoke and say
things like how was
your day what did
you do how was work

then we'd talk about
our boyfriends and
how they were being
dumb or how they
were sweet they'd
tell me about their
classes and their
professors who
frustrate them or
administrators who
infuriate them or
their mentors who
love them i would
tell them about my
managers who
were mean or co
workers who were
funny or customers
who were rude and
we would vent and
laugh we could
talk we could talk
all night if we wanted
until one of us couldn't
stop yawning and
someone would say
i have to get up
early goodnight
goodnight goodnight

that's how it always
was when i had
roommates now i
come home and dad
always has a glass of
wine for me and when
everyone goes to bed
just sometimes i have
one two three cig
arettes and whisper
to myself.

1 comment:

Carrie said...

I'm sorry you are lonely and this is wonderful!