Thursday, January 20, 2011


reflections of south park on the
adjacent window, on the face of
the performing poet.
light blue crystal moon,
hanging orange half orbs,
cerulean brick walls,
plastic chairs and hairs,
pomegranate cider
thrusting on the middle of
my tongue.
lace and haste,
fuzzy eyelids
for chase,
for john,
for justin,
but really
for shawn.
chalkboard menus and female
roves on an open microphone.
maroon velvet blazers
and band t-shirts
fluffy curly hair oh,
i love.
scribbling and open
sideways and old woman
singing 'it ain't so bad
bein' a bag lady...'
purple walls, backyards,
joe christmas, othello,
first impressions, greek gods,
greek positions,
inhibitions; laying sweetness
down next to herself in a
corner knit room, all alone
with a wing-backed chair,
singing amen.

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