Monday, January 10, 2011

paper and feathers, or what happens when we meet?

stompin' my feet in high heeled shoes
to whatever music is playin'
i can't remember
swingin' you 'round my waist
hollerin'; laughin'
singing (shouting) rilo kiley
and beatles songs in the streets,
we always forget the words
and show tunes, i'm a theatre kid,
i say. makin' up characters
in the cab; on the street corner.
gettin' drunk on free wine from
art galleries and gettin' kicked
out of parties.
takin' pictures of allie's nests,
wood and paper and feathers
and your hair all woven 'round
the window and foggy winter
window, lily smokin' spliffs,
her ponytail up high; so high.
lookin' in windows, the girl
in the red dress smilin'; talkin'
waking up across town,
catchin' buses with whit as the
sun rises with long shadows
on the downtown sidewalk,
and the holes in my tights
carryin' my heels in my
hands watchin' the sun rises.
oh, it rises.

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