Thursday, April 21, 2011

the future

hey kids.
there has been an overwhelming sense come over me to forcibly change the thesis of this blog. bear with me as whoa, jamie goes through some changes and evolution. i'm not sure what it will turn into yet, but the poetry will be (has been) fading out.
these things i can promise you:
-i will not post pictures of me in "cute" outfits.
but if i post a picture and i look awesome, i can't help that.
-it will always be completely and utterly random.
-BLVD (where i live) happenings will start to show up.

for now:
i don't think you all understand just how happy this makes me.

if you wanna feel more like me, download some BEST COAST and THIS FREE MIXTAPE and drive around town on a hot day with the windows rolled down and yell obscenities when someone cuts you off.


erin said...

is that your new room?! i LOVE.

jamie said...

it is!