Tuesday, April 5, 2011

in the treehouse

i have a new room with new walls and they are blue and sky and cloud colored. my bedroom door swings outward instead of inward and always stays open when i want it closed and always closes when i want it open. my french doors lead to a tiny sloped balcony above a concrete backyard where the neighbors sit on their bikes and hang out after school and i have two potted flowers, candace and amy. there are so many trees that out my window is all green. there are scratches on the floor from the cat cousteau who used to live here and i can hear the synchronicity people laugh and talk next door when i go to sleep. gina makes me feel treasured and tin makes me laugh real hard. they both make me feel good and happy and smart and confident about a new life that is serious, but never too serious and i feel all glowy and as if i were a bead of dew on a small blade of grass in the morningtime.

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britt said...

this is magic. i want to feel like dew!