Monday, November 3, 2008

..prolly not.

just be patient.
they say

4 AUG 08.
somebody help me.
everyday i wait for a large anonymous
check to come for me. everyday i hope
to get one scrap of mail. today in the
mailbox - a battery charger for my
camera. and maybe soon, something
from erin. but most days, nothing. and
especially not money.
just be patient.
they say

i am supposed to read some of these private
things, oh noe.
shhhh pretty baby
she says.
missing people
people far away and people
close by.
it was the other night, we had pillow
talk, she and i, and she said "that needlepoint
is a picture of weeds" "go figure" i said "it
looks like our front yard" and photos next
to it. allie hugging john lennon. tobs and i
at the library.
everyone at the kitchen table. there's perfume
on my windowsill. and a book about hippies. an
old checkbook. a dish quel dit "j'aime Paris"

sometimes, girls are tooooo much.
just give me a pack of cigarettes
and boys who want to talk about
authors. thing is...

i need a hug.

i missed hugs in europe. if it were up to me, we'd
never stop holding one another. holding hands,
linking elbows, resting heads on shoulders, we'd
just keep going. monica says to live in the world
you wish existed. if i never stopped holding you,
would you think me

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